About Us

GCC Partners is proud to be one of the largest providers of residential housing in the Santa Clarita Valley, Antelope Valley and beyond. Our team strives to maintain the highest of quality in all our properties. We have established our guiding principles to keep us focused on what matter most to both our company and our Business Partners. Whether you rent a GCC Partners property or purchase one, you’re one of our Partners.

Our guiding principles are simply:

  • 1. We are committed to provide our the communities we serve with high-quality housing, priced affordably.
  • 2. We strive to provide our Business Partners with courteous and responsive management service.
  • 3. We respect the rights of all to be treated fairly and honestly. We believe in fair housing practices for everyone, whether they are our Business Partners or not.
  • 4. We believe if we treat our Business Partners fairly and with respect, they will return the favor.
  • 5. We stay away from policies and instead opt to exercise sound judgment and sensible business practices.
  • 6. We embrace the latest technology to improve our responsiveness and efficiency.
  • 7. We look to partner with Business Partners that understand that even though they are may be renting, it is still their home and they will treat it as such.
  • 8. We encourage ongoing communication with our Business Partners. We appreciate and value their feedback.
  • 9. We are constantly adding to our portfolio of properties to ensure long term growth and profitability.
  • 10. We encourage individual volunteerism by our employees and provide generous company support for worthy community projects.

So take a look around our site. We think you'll find a lot of great things.