The keys to getting approved

-A completed online application.

-A $50.00 application fee for each application submitted.

-All applicants should sign up for our electronic funds transfer (EFT) program for payment of rent. This program does require the tenant to have a checking account, credit or debit card Enrollment forms are included in our online application.

-The full balance of first month’s rent and security deposit is required via debit or credit card the day prior to move in. We cannot accept personal checks or money orders for move-in. Sorry, but there are no exceptions to this rule.

-The application must be filled out online. We do not have paper applications.

-Please note that we require all prospective tenants to view the property in person prior to submitting an application. This helps to ensure that the property will be a perfect fit for them.

Qualifying criteria for applicants

-Each person who plans to occupy the rental unit the age of 18 or over must complete the entire online application and pay the $50.00 application fee.

-Each applicant may be asked to provide verifiable proof of income and employment such that monthly rent is no greater than one third (33%) of applicant’s monthly gross income minus major debt payments. If needed, proof of income will be requested.

-Good rental history, without any prior evictions or landlord judgments. We do run rental history for all applicants.

-No felony convictions. We do run criminal background checks on all applicants.

-Acceptable Credit – We do run credit reports on all applicants through Trans Union.

-Please complete the application completely and accurately. Incomplete or falsified applications will be immediately disqualified.

-Each applicant will be evaluated individually based on the criteria above.

-We do not accept co-signers.

Deposits and holding payments

-Security deposits are required for all properties. We are unable to accept less than 100% of the deposit prior to move-in.

-As the last step to approval, we will automatically withdraw a $500.00 non-refundable rent pre-payment to hold the property until move-in. Until this time, the property will be shown and applications will be accepted from other prospective tenants.

Here's How to Apply

-Complete the GCC Partners online application

-Once again, please complete the application completely and accurately. Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

-Complete the included Electronic Funds Transfer section. You can use a checking account, credit card or debit card. If using a checking account, it is helpful to submit an image of a voided check.

-If approved to this point, we will automatically withdraw a $500.00 rent pre-payment from your account to hold the property for you for up to 30 days. Please do not apply if you are not prepared to have the pre-payment automatically debited from your account or are ready to move. If that payment is declined by your bank for any reason, your application will be disqualified.

-The rent pre-payment is non-refundable as we will remove the property from showing and make it “yours.”

-When the debit has cleared your bank, we will contact you within 24 hours to give you the good news and arrange the details of your move. The pre-payment secures the property for you up to 14 days. The balance is due by EFT the day prior to move-in day. That balance will be yur first month’s rent and security deposit less the $500.00 you have pre-paid. If you move in mid-month, your rent amount will be prorated on the first day of month two.

-If we are unable to approve you, we will not debit your account for any reason other than the application fee.

-If we are unable to approve you, we will contact you with the details. In these instances, we are unable to leave phone messages with the details in order to protect your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

– If approved, please make sure to change over all applicable utilities prior your move in day. Documentation confirming the changeover will be required prior to the signing of your lease. Without the documentation, we will need to reschedule your move in for another time. Please do not jeopardize a smooth move in by neglecting this important step.

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