Time to Move? Here's What You Need to Know

We are always sad to see our Tenant Partners go. To facilitate a smooth move out we have highlighted some frequently asked questions below:

What is my actual move out date?

That depends on you.  When you give your 30 day notice, please provide us with the last planned date in your unit.  Your notice must be in writing and can be emailed to us.  Make sure you get confirmation that we have received your notice.  When submitting your 30 day notice, please avoid terms like “Around the first” or in “Near the end of next month”.  We will need an actual stated date from you.

Can I move sooner than the stated date?

Maybe. We just require a written notice of what your newly expected move date will be.  We will evaluate your request and get right back to you.  In some cases we may be able to accommodate you, in some cases not.

Can I move later than the stated date?

That depends. We cannot guarantee a longer stay. Please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.  Please do not just assume staying a few extra days will be OK.  We may have plans for your unit right after your move.  By not vacating on time, you may delay clearing, renovations or even a future tenant’s move-in.   Those delays can be costly.  Please note a “holdover day” as defined in your residential lease agreement is charged at 200% of your previous lease rate.

How much rent do I pay?

As noted in your residential lease agreement, you are required to pay a full month’s rent during your last month, even if you are leaving mid-month. When your security deposit disposition is calculated, you will be reimbursed for days you were not in the unit provided your notice to vacate was provided in a timely fashion.

Can I use my security deposit for rent?

No. Rent must be paid in full up to the move out date. You will be served a 3-day notice if rent is not paid. Please don’t jeopardize a smooth move out process by withholding rent and escalating matters to legal action.

How does the inspection work?

Please contact us at 760-373-0083 to schedule a pre-move out walk-through at least two weeks before move out. We will inspect the unit with you and let you know of any repairs that will need to be made to help preserve your security deposit.

What condition should I leave the unit in?

The unit was in clean, move in ready condition when you were given keys. Please leave it in that same condition when you depart with no trash or furnishings left behind. Our cleaning service charges a minimum of $250.00 to show up and clean a unit. Our hope is that the unit will be left in great condition, so they are not needed! Please take notice of all appliances, blinds and cupboards and ensure they are left neat and tidy. Range hoods and ovens are places that seem to get overlooked.  Please clean them thoroughly.  Please do not leave refrigerators or any other items. You will be billed for their disposal. Overloading dumpsters will also result in additional charges.  Please make sure to break down any boxes and make arrangements to discard large objects offsite.

What will I be charged for?

Once again, we simply ask the unit be left in the same condition as it was the day you moved in. Below are items that often times are overlooked by tenants when the move out. Unfortunately, we are forced to charge tenants for these items.

– Cleaning of entire unit. No trash of personal belongings left behind.
– Thorough cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms including sinks and appliances.
– No furniture of any kind left behind. We have to haul it to the dump and that is expensive.
– Overloaded dumpsters with furniture and trash. We have to schedule special pickups.
– Blinds in good repair.
– An official 30 day notice is key. Don’t risk being charged for extra days!

We take pictures to document everything after your move out. We encourage you to do the same.


Click on an image below to view a sample security deposit disposition that outlines how deductions are calculated and a cleaning checklist to help you during your move out.

Security Deposit Dispostion
Cleaning Checklist

When I will I get my security deposit?

Shortly after your move out we will perform a final inspection. Within 21 days you will receive a security deposit disposition form and your deposit less any deductions. Please help us to return the maximum amount to you by leaving your unit in clean and move in ready condition.

Where do you send my security deposit?

Don’t forget to give us your forwarding address so we can get your disposition to you as soon as possible! Without a forwarding address we will send the disposition to the last address we have on file for you.

Questions? Email us at Sooner is always better than later. We are here to help and make your transition as smooth as possible.