Adding a Roommate

Adding a roommate or additional occupant isn’t very complicated, but it pays to be careful about how you go about the process

Your residential lease outlines our policy on additional occupants and roommates. It’s pretty simple; If they live in the unit for any length of time, they need to be approved as a resident. Even if it is temporary, they need to be approved. This is for the protection of everyone. If you allow a resident to live on your property and they have not been approved, you can be held liable for anything they do.

Follow the steps below before they move in

Please do not assume it will be “OK” to add a new roommate before checking with us. There is a process to follow for the protection of all. Occupants living on the premises that are not on a lease constitute a breach of YOUR lease. That could result in you being asked to leave or possible legal action.

Know what to expect from a new roommate

It helps to have some idea what to expect from your new roommate. For example, are they willing to commit to the entire lease term, and pay rent on time? Are they generally responsible and clean? Will they be having friends over late at night? Before even considering adding a roommate, ensure that whoever you choose is compatible and financially responsible. Otherwise, you could be setting yourself up for trouble down the road. We do not mediate disputes between roommates so be very careful when considering new residents to your unit.

Check occupancy limits for your unit

Before writing to let us know that you wish to add an additional roommate make sure you are not over the occupancy limits for your unit. Our policy is 2 residents per bedroom. Make sure that adding a roommate won’t violate those limits.

Have them submit an application

Every adult living in your unit must have an approved application on file. Prospective roommates must fill out an online application and be approved prior to moving in. The applicant must also pay the $50.00 application fee. Online applications can be found in The “Qualify” section of our website. On that page, you can also find out about the criteria we will use to evaluate the application. It is the same process we used prior to your approval. In addition, we require that all existing tenants (18+) submit authorization to us in writing requesting the application be processed. This ensures all tenants are aware of the potential change and approve of it. The authorization can be emailed to us at and should include the address, your name and the name of the prospective tenant.

Rent and lease adjustment

Additional residents can add wear and tear to a unit in addition to other costs. We may assess your current rent and lease term during this process and make adjustments as part of the approval process.

We will let both of you know within 5 days

We will process the application and let you both know our decision within approximately 5 business days. Please do not allow a prospective tenant to move in prior to approval. This could jeopardize the process and result in the new applicant being disqualified.

We will have everyone in the unit sign and agree to the new arrangement

Provided the new applicant is approved, we will have them sign a new lease. We will also have all current residents sign an addendum agreeing to the change. All of our leases are written “jointly and severable”. That means you are both jointly and individually responsible for matters regarding your unit. Rent is the responsibility of all parties. Also, when we communicate with one of you, it is assumed we have communicated with all of you.

Now it is time to move in

Your new roommate is ready to move in! Now would be a good time to review your residential lease agreement. It is also a good time to set expectations about what your new roommate experience will be like. It is always better to be clear upfront than to have hard feelings later. Enjoy your new experience.

Questions? Email us at Soooner is always better than later. We are here to help.